Sunday, April 22, 2018

A New Family Member

Granna and Papa Jack have a new fur baby!  We are all so excited!  He is precious!  His name is Coco.  Here is what Granna said in her post:

Meet Coco, our precious new puppy! We are SO in love with him! Anna Ruth and her Girl Scout friends named him. She has begged us to get another fur baby since our Maggie and Lucy died. She was so surprised that we picked her up when her Girl Scout meeting was over and had a puppy. She said, "I just can't wrap my mind around that we have a puppy at Granna and Papa Jack's house." Coco loves Anna Ruth and he also loved all of the Girl Scouts. He was following all of them around. Anna Ruth keeps asking, "Can we keep him forever?" I told her that this is Coco's "Forever Home"! She might not want to go home tomorrow, there may be more "Spend the Nights at Granna and Papa Jack's house"!

Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Multiplication Olympics and Park Day

This past Friday, Anna Ruth and her classmates received medals for their Multiplication Olympics.  Anna Ruth received a gold medal.  They wore their medals and walked through the halls of the elementary showing their accomplishments.  Then, they walked to the park for a picnic lunch and play time.  We are proud of AR's hard work in learning her multiplication facts and earning her gold medal.

Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Trip to Target and Walmart to Spend Birthday Gift Cards

Yesterday, after school, I took AR to Target and Walmart to spend her birthday gift cards.  I think this officially ends the birthday festivities because this is the last money/gift cards she has to spend! ;)  At Target, she got a new NASA shirt and some goodies in the dollar section.  At Walmart, she got a couple of Barbie sets and a new game. :)

Trip to the American Girl Store to Spend Birthday Money

Saturday, we headed to Nashville (actually Cool Springs) to the American Girl store so that Anna could spend her birthday money.  She added Luciana Vega to her doll family along with lots of other goodies, including some of the accessory sets for Luciana, outfits for Tenney, and a set for Samantha.  On our way to the AG store, we stopped at Long John Silver's in Pulaski for a yummy lunch.  While at the mall, we enjoyed a cookie.  It was a fun little outing!  We always love visiting the American Girl store!

Monday, April 9, 2018

World Thinking Day 2018

Our Girl Scout Service Unit had our World Thinking Day event this past Friday night.  Our troop chose to do the France table.  We had a replica of the Eiffel tower on display, an informative board and books, Stitch on the Eiffel tower (we bought it when we were at Epcot last October), and we served eclairs.  The girls (and adults) wore berets.  It was a great night! :)

Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Another Lost Tooth

Anna Ruth lost another tooth this week.  This time she lost it at school and brought it home in a Ziplock bag.  So, another visit from the tooth fairy was in order. :)

School Spring Pictures Day