Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Fun for St. Patrick's Day

Around 10 days or so before St. Patrick's Day, Lucky left a note about hiding gold coins for AR. He hid a gold coin for her to find each day until St. Patrick's Day. The day before she was to spend the night with G and PJ, he left her another note about visiting a little early this year.

AR's leprechaun trap

Goodies that Lucky left for AR

The trap worked!  She caught him! ;)

AR spent the night with G and PJ, so she was at their house on St. Patrick's Day.  Elf Victoria Merrilee visited that morning. :)

Eating Lunch with my girl

I volunteered at school last week for PTO, so it was the perfect opportunity to eat lunch with my girl that day. :)

Girl Scout Meeting with yummy French foods

At our recent Girl Scout meeting, our Daisy leader brought lots of yummy French food for our girls to sample.  After sampling, they voted on what food our table will serve at World Thinking Day.  They girls voted for eclairs, so that's what we'll be serving.  I can't wait! ;)

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Granny Eunice

Last week, Alan's Granny Eunice turned 97.  We enjoyed a meal and cake with her, along with Alan's parents.  Alan ordered her a beautiful bouquet of flowers.  

Biography Bottle Project

Last week, Anna Ruth's class created biography bottles.  They wrote biographies about their famous person at school and created their biography bottle of them at home.  Anna Ruth did Betsy Ross.

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Read Across America Week

Last week, Anna Ruth's school celebrated Read Across America Week by dressing up for their theme this year, which was Super Heroes Read!  Thank you to Granna who did her shirts for Wednesday and Thursday.

Monday - Super Hero Day - Dress up like a superhero based on a character from your favorite book.  Anna Ruth dressed as the American Girl of the Year for 2018, Luciana Vega.  :)

Tuesday - Super Hall of Fame Heroes - Dress up like some of the unsung heroes: firefighters, police, paramedics, school employees, political leaders, and community helpers.  Anna Ruth dressed up as a veterinarian. :)

Wednesday - Wear Super Hero Pajamas Day. :)

Thursday - Read My Super Hero Shirt Day.  Anna Ruth wore a shirt with the Girl Scout Promise on it. :)

Friday - Celebrate the birthday of Dr. Seuss - Dr. Seuss Super Hero Day - Dress up as a Super Hero based on any character in your favorite Dr. Seuss book.  Anna Ruth dressed up as the Cat in the Hat.

To complete the celebrating, we read "Green Eggs and Ham" this weekend as we ate green eggs and ham (bacon).

Thursday, March 8, 2018

Happy Birthday, Dr. Seuss!

We had some visitors to help us celebrate the birthday of Dr. Seuss. :)