Friday, March 24, 2017

Early Birthday Celebration at School

Anna Ruth's birthday is next week, and it is also her spring break, so today was her last day of school before spring break.  She took a cookie cake, goldfish crackers, and Capri Suns to school today to celebrate her birthday with her class at school.  Anna Ruth talked over birthday shirts with Granna.  Thank you so much to Granna for doing this birthday shirt just the way Anna Ruth wanted! :) I can't believe my baby is about to be 8!


 Here is a snippet of what we've been up to lately....

(Above) Granna and Papa Jack got some chickens at their house, and Anna Ruth has been so excited about it.  AR has named each one, and, each time we visit G and PJ, it is amazing to see how much they grow between our visits. 

(Below)We are enjoying the warm weather.  This was the first time this year that AR has gotten to ride her bike.

(Below)Also, Anna Ruth had spring pictures this week.  She picked this dress out recently.  She loves the "cold shoulder" style.

Anna Ruth has been taking a jazz dance class.  She didn't completely enjoy her classes last year, so at the start of this year, we were wondering if she would even want to take a dance class or not, but she decided she would take jazz and see how it went.  We told her at the start of the year that, although we don't like to quit things, if she wasn't enjoying it, we would let her quit.  She made it this far in the year, but she was really not enjoying it - so much so that she was dreading even going each week.  So, as I said earlier, although I don't like for us to quit things and not finish them through, I also didn't want my child to be miserable for the next two months either.  So, I guess our dance days (at least formal classes - AR still loves to do living room dances ;))are over.  By the way, this had nothing to do with her teacher or any of the other girls.  Anna Ruth said that her teacher and the teacher's assistant are very nice.

Thursday, March 23, 2017

Good Report Card

Last week, to celebrate Anna Ruth's good report card (all As), we ate at Sofia's Mexican restaurant.  Alan also brought Anna Ruth a couple of surprises - two of the characters from Trolls.

St. Patrick's Day

The past two years we have tried in vain to catch the leprechaun who always turns our milk green the night before St. Patrick's Day.  A couple of weeks before St. Patrick's Day, we found a note from our leprechaun (his name is Lucky) asking Anna Ruth if she wanted to play a game with him.  He said if AR would promise to not try to catch him this year, he would hide a coin each night, and, then, on the night before St. Patrick's Day, if she would leave all the coins on the table, he would leave her a gift.  She was really worried that he was just going to trick her, but you'll see below that he kept his word!

A few days before St. Patrick's Day, Anna Ruth painted a shamrock shirt.

Gift for Mrs. Brown

The gift that Lucky left for Anna Ruth

That sneaky leprechaun turned our milk light green.

Anna Ruth on St. Patrick's Day

After school, we went to eat at Krystal in Florence.  Then, we went to see the new Beauty and the Beast movie.  We loved it!  To end the night, we went to Yogurt Mountain.

Girl Scout Sunday

This was Girl Scout Sunday.  Anna Ruth will receive a badge for wearing her Brownie vest to worship service.

World Thinking Day Planning Meeting

Our Girl Scout service unit will be having a World Thinking Day event soon.  We recently had a planning meeting to get ready for this.  The country that our girls voted for is Ireland.  At this meeting, the girls also signed a sympathy card for Mr. Morris.  His dog, Squirt, recently passed away.  Squirt was well loved by everyone in the Rogersville area, and he will be missed so much!

Read Across America Week at School

During Read Across America Week at school, Anna Ruth missed two days because Alan had surgery on his wrist.  The theme for Read Across America Week was rock 'n roll.  

Dr. Seuss Hat Day

80s Day

On this day, they had a reading concert.  :)